Old soul

The world is modifying at a speed that’s not only hard to keep up with but also to embrace it internally. This never ending process maybe quite eye catching subject for many of us as we all tend to blend into today’s jam. All these is just a cycle to those who happen to be beyond their time and we call them ‘old souls’.
There are different characteristics which one can identify such person and personally I think we all have few things in common apart from a bit of our own touch. It’s always difficult to find people who understands you, hard to socialize and there are so many other facts that says you are an old soul. Something’s might hint towards being an introvert but then all introverts can’t be old souls ’cause deep thoughts, way ahead thinking and imagination, mature behaviour and tonnes of other variables can’t be present in all introverts.
Personally, for so many years I had no idea what old soul means or such words even existed but few years back someone told me that “you seem to be an old soul”. These very words cling to my head, did my research and everything fall into place as some sort of missing pieces from puzzle. If you are an old soul, you will feel not in place kind of situation all the time. Some people might find out sooner or later and some don’t understand why they are like this. Many people have come across to kids who tends to be more quite than average, more thoughtful. They need special attention as they differ and to understand these differences between themselves and their peers. They sometimes find it disturbing and people around them don’t treat them correctly also induce in whole procedure of suffering. This doesn’t mean they are I’ll or are having some problem or sickness but it’s a process of knowing who you truly are so that you can clinch to it as a person. There are so many articles on the internet describing whole concept of this soul age theory, how each thing is related and how psychology includes this concept. All these things sometimes helps for better understanding. People who knows already being an old soul, they flaunt to the world ’cause they are more than the present which is not common it’s unique. And they know there are not much of their type.
So to those who don’t know much about being an old soul, try to learn and grasp things and understand how it is. And to those who are proud to be one, keep going.